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6th Carp marathon Prague 2016

Will you help us to find secrets hidden in Vltava river?

Are you able to deal with difficult conditions resulting from water transport? Really? You are corditially invited to 6th extremely carp marathon on Vltava river in the very centre of Prague.


                                              Free start to  International Balaton Carp Cup 2017 – Lake Balaton, Hungary



Date of competition: 20.8. ­– 26.8. 2016

Non – stop fishing 144 hours

Registration fees – 10 000 CZK for 2-3 member team

Number of teams – 40


Time schedule


Registration   16.00 – 18.00

End of competitions and announcement of winners   17.00

Drawing of places for fishing   19.00

Registration of teams (minimum one member of each team has to come)

20.8. 2016

08.00  - 09.00 Drawing of sectors

10.00   Transport of teams to concrete positions

14.00   Beginning of the competition


14.00    closing of the competition

16.30    announcements of results

Rules of Carp marathon Prague


Each team is registered by filled in registration form which is available on our websites. Teams are registered after sending of registration e-mails. Immediately we send you our account number and variable symbol for competition fees 10 000 CZK. In case deposit is not payed in 20 days after the registration, registration is cancelled and another team can be registered.

If registered team cancels its registration after 30 May 2016, completion fees is forfeited.


At the beginning, drawing order is drawn. The first registered team can draw as the first, than one by one in this order, according to given variable symbols. There is only one drawing and any member of a team can draw. Tan in the second round, according to given number, each team draws the number of fishing place.  If any team is not at disposal for drawing it will draw from empty places after the end of drawing.  It is not possible to change drawn number.

In the second round during day 2, concrete sectors are drawn. On the beginning number from 1 – 4 is drawn and then name of the sector (after sponsors). All 4 sectors are drawn in this way.

After this, each team get information card for a fishing place. There is information about the fishing place, map of the fishing place, how to get there, and restaurants in its surrounding (including contact information), and phone numbers for organisers of the completion, man officer and sector officers. Each team get gifts from organisers of Carp Marathon Prague.


- scored fish – carp from 55 cm included, grass carp from 60 cm included. Fish is weighted and documentation is made. Each fish has to be carefully given back into the water.

Min. 1 member of the team has to have a cell phone and after landing he/she has to make a phone call to sector officer who weights the fish, make photo with information card with detail on the fish, he writes this fish into the team´s card and officer´s card. Team member and officer both sign the record in the card.

In case the team calls the officer for checking the size of fish which is not big enough (1,5 cm is tolerated) officer writes a record on fish without scoring (no points). This record is signed by the officer and team member. In case of two records on fish without scoring, another fish is for zero points.

Catch  and set  free.



- each participant can make a protest in case of suspicion that rules of the competition are broken, but not to rules itselves. Protest has to be made in written form and immediately when there is suspicion and it has to be deliver to the main officer. The fee for protest is 1000 CZK and it passes to the organisers when the protest is not accepted. No other protests are taken into account and no officers will deal with it. Protests are solved by so called protest committee.

Members of committee: main organiser of the marathon, main officer, and sector officer involved in the protest, and two captains of drawn teams form concerned sector. Leader of team which made a protest will be interviewed as well as team leader of involved team.


- carp fishing in accordance fishing act for independent ground Vltava 6 valid from 1.1.2014. Fishermen have to have a fishing licence. Foreigner fishermen have to have a fishing licence valid in their country.


Allowed fishing:

- two member teams participate at the marathon (there can be the third member who can fish and he has all rights and duties as the team can use maximum 4 fishing rods. There can be only such items, which allows untying of used ballast only with one trace and one hook. …………….is allowed.

- lure has to be put outside the hook (classical method on a line). It is prohibited to use feeders.

- it is allowed to use laid feeders.

- participants can use boilies (but not rolls boilies) and pellets. coating for traces, dips, gels and PVA are also allowed. It is also allowed to use flowing boilie to make the trace stable and lighter.

- particl is allowed

- it is also allowed to use methodmix, glues and coating of lead.

- each officer is entitled to check used trace and each team is obliged to allow check of their ready feed for example in the car etc.

- it is possible to feed only from the banks and by hand, shovel, cobra or by catapult (basket catapults are allowed). Every morning between 5.00 – 8.30 it is possible to feed by rackets (spomb, red-mam). It is prohibited to feed by this way in any other time. All other ways of feeding are prohibited.

All the things which are not allowed are prohibited!

Fishing sector:

- it is possible to monitor a river bed from the boat with echolot, lead line or boat before the starting signal. After the starting fire and during the whole marathon it is strictly prohibited to use a boat. When monitoring a river bed it is not allowed to feed from the boat.

Feeding in fishing sector is allowed after the beginning of the marathon at 14.00

- it is prohibited to mark a fishing place by any way

- loading is prohibited

- fishing sectors are marked by a barrier or by colour. Only officers and organisers are entitled to enter the fishing place. All the other people can enter this place only with agreement of team members.

- in case that during landing a fish two fishing rods and lines are tighten together, this team is entitled to make a protest and the fish will not be scored. Protest has to be made immediately and before this fish is registered by the officer. It is possible to go into the water up the waist for safe landing of fish.

Obligatory equipment

- each team has to be equipped with appropriate carp landing nets, the length of its arm min 70 cm, mate for extracting of hooks, two sacks for possible keeping scored fish (each sack can contain max two fish), hook extractor and a boat (because of difficulties in some places).

Fishing area

- marathon area is divided into 4 sectors, each for 8 teams. Fishing places and sector borders are marked by a barrier or colour, they will be visible already in the map of a marathon area at websites and at marathon posters at the competition.

Code of conduct during the marathon

- each participant and his/her accompaniment has to take care of nature and hunted fish. It is strongly prohibited to destroy banks, make fire (except cookers and grills). Each participant is obliged to clean the place and to take away his litter.


- team with most kilos of fish wins the marathon

- in case that more teams have the same weight of fish, team with the weightest, longest fish. In case that even these criteria will not help to make a decision, time of the first scored fish is the last criteria.

Team on overall first, second and third place are not entitled to get the price for winner of the sector.

1. place: cash 50 000 CZK + presents, free starting fee for the next Carp Marathon and free starting  for the IBCC – International Balaton Carp Cup 2017, medals, cups and challenge cup handed over by the winner of the last Marathon. cash 30 000 CZK + presents, cups and medals.

3. place: cash 20 000 CZK + presents, cups and medals.

There are prices even for team which wins in its fishing sector, has the first scored fish, highest number of scored fish, weigh test fish, longest scored fish and the last scored fish.

There is a special bonus – drawing on a price among teams which were able to catch scored fish during Carp Marathon Praha 2014. In case that the team is not at disposal, there will be another drawing.


Closing provisions

In case of any urgent need the organiser is authorised to change the rules of the completion. All participants agree with these rules, they confirmed it by paying of competition fee and their signatures on registration cards. If they break the rules they are immediately expelled from the completion.

- in case that any member will be seen when breaking public order (aggressive behaviour, atacts to other participants) his team will be immediately excluded without any compensation and they have to leave the completion and their fishing place.

- this marathon take places on the river and it is necessary to take into account that the flow can be too high to allow this completion. In this case the organisers are entitled to cancel the competition. In this case participants will get 50 % of their completion fees back.

All the participants of the 5th Carp Marathon Praha participate at their own risk and the organisers are not responsible for any damages.

There will be photographers and cameraman during the whole marathon. All the participants agree with making of photos and videos by their registration.


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